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 Taco Reviews: Civilization V (PC) (2010)

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Taco Reviews: Civilization V (PC) (2010) Empty
PostTaco Reviews: Civilization V (PC) (2010)

Over the past month or so myself, vex and wakko have played quite a bit of Civ V and have only ever finished one game (mostly due to us bitching about the save) but we have had a great time so even though it's not a super recent game I feel that I should review it simply because I love it so much. That being said here is my review of Civilization V.

Civilization is a top down turn based strategy game so it isn't expected to look that great but even on shit settings (aka my settings) it looks very pretty with each unit being nicely detailed and the terrain looking like it's actually a farm or a mountain or a ocean tile. The game looks spectacular on high settings with directX 11 (well it looks nice from what steam screenshots I've seen from
Vex and wakko) 

I have always been a fan of strategy and turn based combat (my first experience being Worms Armageddon on the Nintendo 64) and the gameplay in Civ V does not disappoint! Moving unit and attacking is quick and simple and managing your cities and units is far easier than it was in Civ IV due to a simplified GUI and less micromanaging that can be done. This being said, the game does have an annoying feature called automatic unit cycling which will move you to the unit that the game wants you to see which can be oh so annoying in multiplayer combat situations, luckily this can be turned off in the options menu and it makes the gameplay much better when it is off.

When playing a turn based strategy in single player you want good AI well this is where Civ stumbles a bit. The AI are either peaceful as hell or will find the first opportunity to strike and demolish you empire with fucking elephants (I'm looking at you Siam) they have no tactical thinking at all and are fucking stupid when trading! They won't take offers that benefit both parties and sometimes won't accept a peace treaty (which THEY offered) unless you pay them! It is frusturating when they are being annoying but they work most of the time and are okay to play with. The new addition of City-states on the other hand is a great addition because it's entertaining to see how many little guys you can ally with to help you in war efforts, keeping your empire happy or supplying you with new units that only specific Civs can build.

Civ V has a great but buggy multiplayer, its a blast when you can get a game going with two friends and have it last without crashing for 3 hours. But...it does crash and freeze and sometimes blue screen my pc! For example me, vex and wakko were all playing a game for at least an hour when bam! Oh look I can't end my turn! Or why are we all loading in again? Or Motherfucker! (I yell as my pc blue screens) but I must say it is a fucking blast to play with FRIENDS (strangers suck) and its a hell of a lot better than playing with the AI.

I have had a blast with Civilization V and I recommend it even though it has flaws! It earns a final score of 9/10 

Oh and I know I'm suppose to write these every week and I apologize that I haven't, I shall try to do this every week if I'm not feeling lazy.
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Taco Reviews: Civilization V (PC) (2010) :: Comments

Well I imagine it would be fun to watch anothe civ destroy a player but I always end up being attacked
Re: Taco Reviews: Civilization V (PC) (2010)
Post on Sat May 18, 2013 1:14 pm by Vex
Just for the record its you both that bitch about saves Razz You forgot to add how amusing it is to watch AI Civ attack your friends.

Taco Reviews: Civilization V (PC) (2010)

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