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 Keyboard Combatant's Charter

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Keyboard Combatants

Our Goal Here

We strive to maintain a atmosphere of fun and community here at Keyboard Combatants. This goes beyond any particular game as people
do not play just a single game. Nor should they be limited to just a single game in a community.

1.1 It is the duty of the administration of Keyboard Combatants to be able to consistently provide a positive experience across any medium in which we choose to operate. Be that a tactical environment, or one of a less serious nature.

1.2 Users on the forum will have mutual respect for each other at all times. While friendly banter is acceptable, Targeted harassment is not. It includes All forms of Hatespeech, which is defined as anything against anyone's Race, Ethnicity, Religion, or Creed. While you may dislike someone, this does not make it acceptable to attack them. Offences will be dealt with as per a escalating punishment policy.

1.3 All forms of Griefing, which includes Mic/Text Spamming, Harrassment (as defined in 1.2) Game specific griefing, and all things that enable a negative server environment are not acceptable and will be dealt with as per the escalation policy.

1.4 Any member of the community can apply for an administrative position after accumulating either 150 relevant posts, or 3 months active membership to the forums.

1.4.1 A member who has incurred a warning/ban will have to complete a period of six (6) months without
incident to apply for an administrative position.

1.5 Any member seeking admittance to the Admin corps (either "Junior Admin" or "Forum Moderator") must be voted in by at least a 2/3 vote of the current members of the administration.

1.6 A change of the charter can be put forward by any member of the community but a 2/3's majority vote by the members Administration will be required to enact the change into the charter.


3 Warnings

After three warnings, one, two, and three day escalating bans are implemented.

1/2/3 Day

After this point, Bans escalate with a 1 week, 2 week, and 3 week ban.

1/2/3 Week

After a three week ban if issues still arise, a 2, 4, and 6 month ban follows.

2/4/6 Month

If after a 6 month ban the user is question is still an issue, a permanent ban is put in place.

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Keyboard Combatant's Charter
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